Who We Are

Living Tree Foundation was founded in 2011, by Lupe Rodriguez and Rick Rodriguez Sr. We are a grassroots organization. Our vision is to be a global assistance to those in need. We help provide assistance for the needs of combat veterans, current military service personnel as well as families in dire straits. Our mission is to provide a helping hand whenever it is needed most to the people who need the most. We proudly sponsor: Operation Legacy, PMA, Purple Heart Baseball, Rebuilding Warriors, Warrior Built, and 03XX Foundation. We give honor and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for guiding us as we partner with these wonderful organizations.

Please visit http://www.yourlivingtree.org for more information. 

Facebook: facebook.com/LivingTreeFoundation

Twitter: @YourLivingTree

Instagram: @LivingTreeFoundation

*Use the hash tag #YourLivingTree to connect with us!


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