How We Give: Gainsbernard Family

What we give is just as important as how we give and here at LTF we make it our mission to not just help others because it’s what we stand for, we make it our mission so that others may pay it forward to individuals that they may come across. Recently, our project manager Julie Garcia was asked to take part in an interview that asked the following: “What examples can you share about people or communities that have been positively impacted by this organization?”  Well, here’s example of our impact.


“While there are many examples of success, I’d like to share of a man named Howard. Howard is a recently retired Navy Veteran who, due to unforeseen delays, broken promises and benefit cutbacks found himself financially unable provide for his family. After communicating with Howard through emails and telephone conversations, we traveled to Riverside California to meet with Howard, his wife and their five children. We discovered that Howard was on the verge of losing his home, their car and all of their personal belongings. Howard explained to us that although his financial situation was due to change for the better, his immediate financial needs could not be met. In fact, the electric power was scheduled to be turned off for non-payment at any moment. Words alone cannot describe the appreciation that this family displayed when LTF presented him with a check. Howard was at a loss for words and he began to weep. Howard’s wife stood in awe; she just couldn’t believe that this was happening; that “total strangers and an unknown organization” would drive over and hour and a half to present them with this life changing gift. LTF only asked Howard for three things: One, that he would allow us to pray for him. Two, that he would allow LTF to tell his story and three, that Howard would “pay it forward”. Howard whole heartedly agreed.” –Julie Garcia

Pictured above with Howard and his family is Rick Rodriguez , Founder of The Living Tree Foundation and Dave Garcia. Although LTF assists many veterans, families, and individuals we wanted to showcase our most recent impact to promote the importance of paying it forward.


Written by: Alyssa Portillo

Interview by: Julie Garcia

Photo credit by:





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