LTF Visits: VA Hospital Long Beach

Today, LTF had a field trip to the VA Hospital Long Beach to get the ball rolling on future contacts and opportunities. While exploring, we were able to visit with individuals that work in the VA Resource Center, Volunteer Center, and The Transitional Center to communicate the mission of Living Tree and see if we could be of assistance. LTF is excited to announce that our members as well as student volunteers will be starting the process of being volunteer escorts for veterans at the hospital. In addition to starting the volunteer process, Living Tree is very excited to be working with the hospital’s Transitional Center in hopes that we may be acting as a liaison between returning troops and the hospital to help them with resources to transition them back into civilian life.


While visiting, we ran into some veterans that were volunteering with parking enforcement that were kind enough to let us take a photo with them.

Written by: Alyssa Portillo

Image by: Victoria Rios


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