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Javier Becerra

Javier Becerra

LTF and The Downey Patriot has teamed up again to provide the Downey community with another “Coming Home” article. This past week, we featured Javier who has had an outstanding career in the U.S. Army. To read more about his life and get in touch with what exactly he has done for our great nation, visit: Coming Home – Javier Becerra


Telacu’s 1st Annual Health Fair

Living Tree booth set up.

Last week, Living Tree was able to join in partnership with the Telacu Organization in hosting a booth at their health fair for Seniors. This was a great opportunity for LTF to get traction for our foundation as well as promote our services to seniors that may be veterans or that may know someone who is or is seeking assistance. We were welcomed to the facility with open arms by Telacu’s friendly staff and we were able to meet some great organizations that are excited to partner up with us! Our Founder Rick Rodriguez was also in attendance where he was honored by participating in the Ribbon Cutting at the Opening Ceremonies before the actual event took place.

Rick (left) with Telacu's Regional Operations Trainer Yuri Escandon.

LTF founder Rick Rodriguez (left) in the Ribbon Cutting ceremony.


Introducing a New Series

Living Tree Foundation has had the opportunity to partner up with The Downey Patriot which is our local newspaper to create a new weekly series dedicated to introducing our Veterans that are coming home. Last week, the paper came into the LTF office to conduct an interview with our founders Rick and Lupe Rodriguez. The article digs deep into their history from their beginnings as a company to their family life and the development of Living Tree. Please feel free to check out their interview here: 

In addition we would like to thank the whole Downey Patriot  team for this wonderful opportunity and we are excited for this new partnership.


Written by: Alyssa Portillo


Monday Quote of The Day

It’s important to take time from our hectic lives and notice the little things. We tend to get worked up about the smallest mishaps in OUR world that we forget to notice the events happen around us. Take the time to notice.


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Monday Quote of The Day


Tuesday Quote of the Day

Wishing you well traveled seas on this Tuesday. Please don’t forget to follow our instagram @livingtreefoundation and our twitter @yourlivingtree.


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Tuesday Quote of the Day


LTF Visits: VA Hospital Long Beach

Today, LTF had a field trip to the VA Hospital Long Beach to get the ball rolling on future contacts and opportunities. While exploring, we were able to visit with individuals that work in the VA Resource Center, Volunteer Center, and The Transitional Center to communicate the mission of Living Tree and see if we could be of assistance. LTF is excited to announce that our members as well as student volunteers will be starting the process of being volunteer escorts for veterans at the hospital. In addition to starting the volunteer process, Living Tree is very excited to be working with the hospital’s Transitional Center in hopes that we may be acting as a liaison between returning troops and the hospital to help them with resources to transition them back into civilian life.


While visiting, we ran into some veterans that were volunteering with parking enforcement that were kind enough to let us take a photo with them.

Written by: Alyssa Portillo

Image by: Victoria Rios



It’s important to understand what we as an organization stand for and what exactly is it that we offer here at LTF.  As a team, we have developed some Frequently Asked Questions that may help with understanding The Living Tree Organization better.

What is the purpose of the organization?

-LTF seeks to provide assistance to select organizations that are committed to providing for the needs of combat veterans, currently military service personnel as well as families in dire straits.

Is there a mission statement? What is it?

LTF strives to provide a helping hand whenever it is needed mostly to the people who need the most.

What groups of people does this organization serve?

While our organization’s mission is to provide assistance to all who need assistance, we estimate that 90% of our assistance is Veteran based.

What social problems does this organization address or help to remedy?

-LTF prides itself in offering Veterans the resources needed to a quick, easy and effective transition from active duty civilian life.

What are the roles of members of this organization?

-We have one part-time paid Project Manager. The role of the Project Manager is to seek out veterans and individuals that can benefit from the partnering organizations that LTF is in partnership with.

What are the responsibilities of members this organization?

Each member is responsible for continuous growth and effective building of  LTF.

How important are volunteers to this organization?

Volunteers are essential to the on-going building of LTF. Our goal at LTF is to expand our resources as well as those we assist by minimum of 65% in the next quarter. This goal will not be accomplished without the help of our volunteers.

Does this organizations collaborate with similar organizations on a local, regional, or national level?

We partner with numerous Veteran based and community networking organizations on all levels.

What are the main obstacles that inhibit the fulfillment of the mission?

We are a “grass roots” organizations. We operate with little overhead and with minimum support staff.  This concept reduces internal inefficiencies that can delay or even hinder our goals.

What are the organization’s annual goals, need, and results?

As of now, LTF annual goal is to assist 450 veterans with job placement, transition from active duty to civilian life in a most effective and efficient way possible. To accomplish our goal, we will work diligently to seek out individuals and veterans that are in need.

How is this organization funded?

LTF is predominately privately funded. Additionally, we are currently working on numerous grants from various companies and organizations.

Have a great Tuesday!

Written by: Alyssa Portillo

Questions answered by: Julie Garcia